Playing Req (Middle Eastern Tambourine) for Omnisutra

29 Jun

Playing Req (Middle Eastern Tambourine) in Stot St Studios Melbourne for Omnisutra’s deep world music chant album, The Egyptian Book of the Dead. In this album I played Daff (The Chained Middle Eastern Frame Drum), Req, Produced Pads and Atmospheres, Mixed and Mastered the CD.

The CD and information on it is available here:

Remixing for Edi

7 Jan

Recently Remixed a track I produced for Edi back in 2012, The Quickening. The track features on this years JJJ UnEarth Awards: Check it out here –

Edi Donald and the Transients are 6 piece band from Alice Springs, that formed late last year to bring the songs from Edi’s EP “The Endless Shores of the Inland Sea” to the stage.
With a wild arc of influences from gritty alternative markings to a lashing of operatic theatricality, from delicately woven electronic production to acoustic and folk world roots, the music of Edi Donald and the Transients carries a trans-genre cinematic epic-ness and that irrevocable quality of music both of and outside it’s time. Edi is a rugged song-smith whose stunningly emotive voice and vivid lyricism embodies androgyny in the most unexpected combination fiercely and intentionally defying definition. As a result, Edi will always create the unexpected through their music and vision as an artist.

Mixed Album For Josh Arent

7 Jan

Recently mixed the new Album by Josh Arent.

2014 Dolphin Music Awards ‘Album Of The Year’ nominee, ‘Eye For An Eye’ is a hypnotic guitar-driven journey of folk rock ballads. The album explores introspective emotive spaces with acoustic-electro fusion, layered guitars and soaring vocal harmonies, featuring Australian indie artists Declan Kelly, Stuart Fergie (OKA), Mel Dobra, Brooke Francisco.
Josh Arent – Vocals, Guitar & Electronica
Declan Kelly – Drums
Luke Ferguson – Bass
Belinda McKenzie – Viola & Violin (2,3,5)
Brooke Francisco – Vocals (1,2,3,6,9,10)
Mel Dobra – Vocals (4,7,8,9)
Indigo Sparke – Vocals (6,10)
Stuart Fergie (OKA) – (3)
Ben Last – Percussion (1,4,9)
Si Mullumby – Didge (9,10)

Recorded & Produced by Josh Arent at Studio 9
Executive Producer – Brooke Francisco Newberry
Mixed by Benjamin Last at Reel Spirit
Mastered by Michael Worthington of Soundworthy

Artist wins NT Music Awards!!

14 Jul

Syren, one of my favorite artists just won Best Pop for the single to her album ” A Feather To The Sea” at the NT Music awards! The track was co-produced and programed by myself and Lulu at Reel Spirit Studios. For more info on Syren check out


New Equipment Upgrade – Universal Audio Apollo

5 Jun

Just received a new Universal Audio Apollo Audio Interface. The unit allows me to process recorded material such as vocals, guitars and percussion through high end audio processes resulting in very high grade recordings containing paramount warmth and clarity. More more information on the unit see


Mix Improvements for Deya Dova

1 Dec

Just been working on Deya Dovas new Ep Symbiotic. Deya appointed me to make “spinal mix adjustments” I process of group processing which is a process between mixing and mastering. The EP is out now through

Great Track!

1 Dec

Edi and I produced this track together at Reel Spirit Studios. Violin by Laura Targett.

To hear more check out: