Artist wins NT Music Awards!!

14 Jul

Syren, one of my favorite artists just won Best Pop for the single to her album ” A Feather To The Sea” at the NT Music awards! The track was co-produced and programed by myself and Lulu at Reel Spirit Studios. For more info on Syren check out


New Equipment Upgrade – Universal Audio Apollo

5 Jun

Just received a new Universal Audio Apollo Audio Interface. The unit allows me to process recorded material such as vocals, guitars and percussion through high end audio processes resulting in very high grade recordings containing paramount warmth and clarity. More more information on the unit see


Mix Improvements for Deya Dova

1 Dec

Just been working on Deya Dovas new Ep Symbiotic. Deya appointed me to make “spinal mix adjustments” I process of group processing which is a process between mixing and mastering. The EP is out now through

Great Track!

1 Dec

Edi and I produced this track together at Reel Spirit Studios. Violin by Laura Targett.

To hear more check out:

Music Video from a Client

1 Dec

Syren and I produced this track at Reel Spirit Studios. An amazing collaboration! This is the official music video :

Additional Production, Mixing and Mastering for Transeq

1 Dec

Currently working with local producer and guitarist Transeq on his up coming album doing a range of services that include Production Assistance ie arrangement suggestions, creating sounds, mixing and mastering.

Here are a few of the completed songs:




Fixing the Mix for Mystic Beats

31 Jan

mystic beats-1

Hey Guys, Just did some “Spinal Mix Adjustments” on the new Mystic Beats Album! The rooms here at Reel Spirit Studios are often used by local producers such as Mystic Beats to “check their mixes” as the speakers and acoustic treatment is of such a high quality. This is combined with Ben Last’s super sharp ears creates a great environment for this final job in the production process. To check out and buy Mystic Beats new Album go to :


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